Producer / Sound Engineer / Musician

“I've loved working with Neil for over 20 years. He creates amazing tones; but his insight and musical skills go way beyond that, making him a unique asset to any production.”

– Mark Edwards


Neil has been producing, engineering and mixing alongside leading artists for over thirty years.

Way back in 1979, Neil began work as a trainee engineer (and coffee boy) for ICC Studios. Soon he found himself thrust into the world of freelance engineering and production, taking off in the 80s with James Taylor Quartet, Graham Kendrick, Keith Emerson, and even as the guitarist for Gloria Gaynor. Later, in his own studio in Derby, he produced albums in collaboration with Ben Castle, Noel Richards, Iona and with Phil Baggaley on the Gold Records series including City of Gold and Shipwrecks & Islands. Currently, he’s working back on the South coast, recently playing host to Katie Melua, and some old friends including Mark Edwards, Bryn Haworth and Les Moir of Integrity Music.

“Never felt more comfortable or positive with any engineer. The best sounds, especially drums and guitar. He enabled me to make the album I wished and hoped I could make.”

– Andy Fairweather Low

Notable Collaborations

Graham Kendrick
Bryn Haworth
Les Moir
Katie Melua
Mark Edwards
Luke Hellebronth
Noel Richards
Ben Castle
James Taylor Quartet
Keith Emerson
Tim Hughes
Gold Records
David Fitzgerald